Postcard Water Hyacinths In Florida 3B-HB44 Vintage Linen Unposted 1930-1950 Vintage Postcard

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Vintage Postcard Water Hyacinths In Florida 3B-HB44

Water-hyacinth is a floating plant that has clusters of leaves with spongy stalks arising from a base of dark purple feathery roots. The leaf clusters are often linked by smooth horizontal stems (called stolons). Linked plants form dense rafts in the water and mud.

• Linen 1930-1950

Size: 3.5" x 5.5"

Condition: Pre-Owned Good

Condition is consistent with an old or antique paper postcard. It may have corner bumps, creases, ink stains, pencil or pen markings, an old smell, etc. Please see the photographs/scans for additional condition information. Thanks for stopping by!