About Us

How it all began

Winter Park Collectibles originally started back in the mid 1980's when we worked the Flea Market circuit. We would scour the auctions, yard sales, estate sales, and anywhere else we thought we could pick up quality used items at a good price. We worked full time during the day at a "regular" job, went to auctions at night, and worked the Flea Market on the weekends. We eventually expanded from a single booth to a large area with multiple glass showcases and display cases.

In the mid 90's quality used merchandise started getting a little harder to buy. Locally, more and more people were showing up at the auctions and more and more where asking premium prices for their items in yard sales. It was getting almost impossible to bring quality items to our customers at affordable prices. So we eventually transitioned to more of an online presence. We created an eBay account and started our own website. We started buying and selling new and used items on eBay in 1995 and moved away from the Flea Market business. Due to declining sales and the decrease in the amount of time we could devote to the business, We moved more towards part time selling. We continued to sell online off and on until 2000.

Sometime around 2000 we decided to devote more time to our online sales business and focus on sites such as eBay, Amazon and later Yardsellr. Yardsellr, for those that remember it, had a unique business strategy. And although we did extremely well, we knew their business strategy was destined to fail. While focusing primarily on Yardsellr, we opened a shop on Etsy in September of 2011 as an additional sales venue. Yardsellr would eventually close it's doors in 2013 and we moved my primary focus towards Etsy and eBay.

The transition to Etsy and eBay was a good move for us, we enjoy selling and interacting on very much. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us,  Etsy and eBay allowed us to provide more of a personal touch which helps us reach that Customer satisfaction goal. We also enjoy searching the lands for hard to find bargains to bring to our customers. We currently sell on several other venues such Poshmark, Mercari, Grailed and now here on our own website.

We still work full-time "regular" jobs. We hope that when that retirement day comes we can transition full time into our online business!

Thanks for stopping by!!