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Vintage Star Trek Voyager KES The OCAMPA Medic Intern USS Voyager Action Figure Playmates 6480 6488 1995

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Playmates 1995 Star Trek Voyager Kes The Ocampa

Asst No. 6480
Stock No. 6488
Collector No. 023292


Never removed from card
Price sticker residue on front of card and price sticker on back of card
Some bending on card at corners with rough edges
Card separation from plastic along top

Kes is a female Ocampa, the species with a life span of only nine years whose home system Voyager was pulled into by the "Caretaker" entity of the Nacene race; although she appears as a twenty-year-old in human years, Kes is actually just two. A tough survivor and a bit of a rebel despite her waif-like air, she came aboard as Neelix's lover and to escape her abuse as a slave with the Kazon-Ogla on the surface of her world, having fled her peoples' passive underground existence to pursue the outside world and the mental acuities rumored to have flourished among her ancestors. She did so at the regret of leaving behind her wise father, Benarem, who died just after her first birthday; she was very close to him and still feels his presence as a guide. Kes has already begun to develop her abilities, pursuing a full-fledged medical training course with the EMH Doctor and studying Vulcan mental disciplines with Tuvok. She has already led the ship into a disappointing rendezvous with the "female Caretaker" Suspiria and a renegade Ocampa colony of advanced yet malevolent brethren, who almost allowed her to lose control of her new powers and kill her Vulcan friend. Kes' medical training has advanced so far that she can now handle away team medical duties, a welcome relief for the holographic doctor. She also helps Neelix in the kitchen and handles the airponics bay gardening.

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