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Vintage Star Trek The Next Generation Playmates Space Caps Trading Card 1994 Hugh Borg

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Hugh, formerly Third of Five, was a former Borg drone who was rescued by the USS Enterprise-D in 2368. Hugh was found in the Argolis Cluster at the crash site of a Borg scout ship.

Hugh himself was critically injured. He was brought back to the Enterprise-D for medical attention by Dr. Beverly Crusher under protest from Captain Picard. Upon arriving on the Enterprise-D, Hugh was placed in the brig and kept under guard at all times. He had trouble adapting to his new environment, having been cut off from the resources of the Collective for the first time in his life. Where there had been millions of voices in his head, there was now only his own. Dr. Crusher eventually nursed him back to health, and chief engineer Geordi La Forge found a way to nourish the drone similar to the regeneration alcoves on a Borg ship.


Cards is in excellent condition. No creases, stains, or rips.

Pictures is of actual card.


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