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Vintage Star Trek The Next Generation K'ehleyr Action Figure Klingon Ambassador To The Federation Playmates 6070 6059 1993

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Playmates 1993 Star Trek K'ehleyr #6059

Asst No. 6070
Stock No. 6059
Collector No. 046425


Never removed from card
No Price sticker on card
Slight bending at bottom right and left of card
No separation of plastic from card

Please see photos for additional condition information

As a Klingon much affected by her human mother's cynical upbringing of all things related to her father's people, special emissary K'Ehleyr was killed by Duras in 2367 as she nearly exposed the cover-up of his family's true treachery at Khitomer. Having once mated with Worf when he forswore a marriage two years earlier, she stunned him just before her murder by revealing Alexander, the son she'd bore by him in 2359 during their first encounter. A non-conformist career woman, she never told Worf because he would demand they take the traditional oath of union.

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