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Vintage Star Trek The Next Generation Action Figure Playmates Captain Jean-Luc Picard As Locutus 6950 6986 1994

  • $ 8.00

Star Trek The Next Generation "All Good Things" Series Action Figure With Exclusive Playmates Skybox Collector Card - Captain Jean-Luc Picard As Locutus. Special Edition With Metallic Armor

• Asst No. 6950
• Stock No. 6986
• Collector No. 029251


Never removed from card
No Price sticker on card
No separation of plastic from card

Please see photographs for additional condition information

Lwaxana Troi was a Betazoid Federation ambassador and mother of Deanna Troi. She was one of the more colorful Federation diplomats, having led a life of both flamboyance and tragedy.

Lwaxana had a larger-than-life and extremely flirtatious persona, which caused severe friction with and embarrassment to her daughter Deanna, of whom she tended to be extremely overprotective.




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