Vintage PC Game Hellfire Expansion for Diablo 1 1997 Sierra

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Get ready to once again descend into the fiery pits of the underworld. Na Krul, a despicable and evil pretender to the throne of Diablo, has plans to take over Diablo's realm of terror and horror and reign supreme. To combat this ultimate evil scourge, you'll take on the persona of a new character class, indigenous to the world of Hellfire -- the staff bearing, eagle-eyed Monk, from the Brotherhood of the Bough.

In this single-player mission add-on, you'll find 29 new enemies, randomly generating levels, 30 new items to discover and use as well as a new "page" of spells. Of interest to Diablo veterans will be the Berserk spell, created to influence the thoughts and actions of other creatures, the Wall of Lightning, a potent defensive spell for holding off hordes of evil entities and the destructive force of the Immolation spell with its radiating blast of devastating fireballs.

The more benign of the new spells include the Warp, Search and Reflect magical intonations. Many characters from the original game appear in Hellfire with all new levels to explore, exploit and escape. New weapons for your deadly arsenal abound, such as the firebow, thunderclap hammer and more in your quest to free the land of evil. Beware, however, removing Na Krul from the playing field is just the beginning -- once past this hideous demon, you'll have to face an even stronger Diablo.

This is a fantastic find. The CD-ROM is in good condition and does have some light scratching. CD and case only, no box or manual. Please see the photographs for additional condition information.