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Vintage Faze 1 Fazers Comic Book #2 1985 AC Comics

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Product Information:

Teenage troubleshooters primed for action and ready to take on any menace, those are the Faze One Fazers. Trained and instructed by their mentor and creator, Dr. Franklin Faze, the super-powered youths Non-man, Girl-bot, Sprint, Springer, and Hydromatic of Faze One are backed up by Carbonite, Adamant, Flyte, Speedster, Silver, Coral and more. This, their first appearance (“Journey”) takes them across the galaxy to meet the evil Repta empire, and their plans of destruction. Created, written and illustrated by Vic Bridges (Freak Force) . In the back-up, “The First Faze” we see a flashback look at the creation of Faze, Inc., as written and drawn by Vic Bridges. Through his brief career in comics fans have always marvelled at the similarity of Vic’s drawing style to that of his artistic hero, John Byrne. If you like Byrne’s work, you’ll probably like this. Color cover by Vic Bridges, full color throughout. Standard comic book format.


Comic in good condition. No rips, torn pages or stainsin comic. There is a light crease at the bottom right corner of the cover along with a little wear along the bottom edge of the cover. Comic comes in resealable bag.

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