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Vintage Atari Game Catalog From 1981 Covering 45 Different Games Defender

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Product Information:

Atari game catalog from 1981, item no. CO16725-Rev. D. Atari introduced an entirely new style with this catalog. Not only is the familiar cover artwork from previous catalogs gone, but all new artwork was created for Atari's games for use with their Picture labels, and this artwork was used in this catalog as well. This catalog contains 45 titles, an increase over the previous catalog by two. This catalog introduced six new titles while removing two from Atari's lineup. New titles include Defender, Haunted House, Pac-Man, Space War (which had previously been removed in the CO16725-Rev. A catalog), Super Breakout, and Yars' Revenge. Blackjack, Flag Capture, Fun With Numbers, and Surround were removed. Atari introduced a Game Center storage unit that would hold the 2600, controllers, 27 cartridges, and manuals.


Catalog is in good condition. Does have light to moderate use wear. Does not appear to have any ripped or missing pages.

Special Notes:

  • Photo is of actual mouse catalog and not a stock photo.





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