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Vintage 8-Track Meredith Willson's The Music Man Original Soundtrack

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Product Information:

In light of all the hit Broadway musicals that have stumbled in their translation to the big screen, The Music Man stands out as an exception; it is one of the best-loved movie musicals of all time. A great deal of the credit goes to composer Meredith Willson, who resisted studio pressure to hire a big name for the title role (Frank Sinatra or Cary Grant) in favor of the Tony-winning stage star, Robert Preston, who turns in one of Hollywood's most magical performances as the spellbinder who hoodwinks a small town in Iowa. Shirley Jones did not perform the show on Broadway, but she had cut her teeth as a musical ingénue in the films of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma! and Carousel and gives Marian the librarian a lovely voice and charming personality. Most importantly, Willson's score combines marching bands and barbershop quartets to capture perfectly the spirit of America's heartland at the turn of the century. A classic.

8-Track Meredith Willson's The Music Man Original Soundtrack

Some of the songs on the 8-track include:

  • Main Title, Rock Island, Iowa Stubborn - Orchestra
  • Ya Got Trouble - Robert Preston & The Ensemble
  • Piano Lesson & If You Don't Mind My Saying So Shirley Jones & Pert Kelton
  • Goodnight My Someone - Shirley Jones
  • Ya Got Trouble & Seventy Six Trobones - Robert Preston & The Ensemble
  • Sincere - The Buffalo Bills
  • The Sadder But Wiser Girl - Robet Preston
  • Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little - Hermione Gingold & The Biddys
  • Marian The Librarian - Robert Preston
  • Being In Love - Shirley Jones
  • Gary, Indiana - Robert Preston
  • The Wells Fargo Wagon - The Ensemble
  • Lida Rose & Will I Ever Tell You ? - Shirley Jones & The Buffalo Bills
  • Gary, Indiana - Ronnie Howard
  • Shipoopi - Buddy Hackett & The Ensemble
  • Till There Was You - Shirley Jones
  • Goodnight My Someone - Shirley Jones & Robert Preston/ The Ensemble
  • Seventy Six Trombones - The Ensemble


8-Track in really good condition. Tape is in tact and there are no breaks or cracks on the cartridge. Label is still affixed. The tape comes in a cardboard holder to protect the cartridge. The cardboard cover is very worn and I am just adding it because it came with the tape. Please see the photos for additional condition information.

Special Notes:

  • Please see the photographs for additional condition information.



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