Star Trek Strike Force Action Figure Ferengi Marauder 16214 1997

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DaiMon Bok was a Ferengi officer set on revenge for the death of his son who was killed after an encounter with the U.S.S. Stargazer, commanded by Jean-Luc Picard, in 2355. After failing in his attempt to destroy Picard, Bok was stripped of his title and sent to Rog Prison. He later resurfaced in 2370, attempting to kill Picard's "son" Jason Vigo. The young man was not Picard's son, but his DNA had been re-sequenced to imply that he was. Bok was, once again, released to Ferengi authorities after this other attempt at revenge failed.

Jason Vigo was Born to Miranda Vigo and a Starfleet officer in 2346, although Jason never knew his father's identity. Jason and his mother moved to Camor V in 2358, where he was arrested on several occasions for minor offenses. In 2370 to avenge himself on Jean-Luc Picard, DaiMon Bok re-sequenced Jason's DNA in order to pass him off as Picard's son, planning to kill him once they had bonded. The genetic manipulation prompted Forrestor-Trent Syndrome, which revealed Bok's deception. Jason then returned to Camor V.

Playmates Star Trek: Strike Force Figure Ferengi Marauder Daimon Box and Jason Vigo Figures 1997, Assortment No. 16210, Stock No. 16214, Collector’s No. 020826

Never removed from box, No Price sticker on box, No creasing on plastic, Box in very good condition with no crushing, rips or tears.