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Vintage Star Trek Original Series Special 2 Comic Book Winter 1994 DC Comics

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Drifting towards a black hole, R.J. Blaise pleads for help via subspace transmission, from anyone in the universe except James T. Kirk. Kirk, or course, is nearby and feeling old. Even a visit from McCoy and a bottle of Saurian brandy fails to lift his spirits much. The Enterprise picks up the distress signal and when Blaise is transported aboard, the situation heats up. She is being pursued by the Lord High Darrich, a warlord whom she has offended during diplomatic negotiations. Starfleet orders Kirk to resolve the situation even if it means turning Blaise over to Darrich. Kirk has his own tried and true methods for dealing with delicate situations and Blaise has her own way with Kirk. In spite of their attraction, duty comes first for both of them. Kirk and Blaise both wonder what might have been had they met at a younger age. Stardate 8626.11

Comic in really good condition. No rips, no torn pages, stains, creases or writing in comic. Comic comes in it's own resealable bag.

Actual scan of comic and not a stock photo.


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