Star Trek Next Generation Comic Book Number 2 Summer 1989, DC Comics

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Three landmark stories! Writer Chris Claremont, penciller Chris Wozniak and inker Jerome Moore bring Star Trek "classic" character Jamie Finney into the 24th century, as Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-D carry a mysterious passenger who seems bent on the destruction of the Klingon High Council. Next, Ensign Ro reaches a crossroads when she goes on an Away Team mission in a crisis uncomfortably similar to the one that sent her to prison, in a story written by Michael Jan Friedman, with art by Gordon Purcell and Terry Pallot. Finally, Captain Bateson, the time-displaced 23rd century captain from the ST: TNG episode "Cause and Effect," confronts his own obsolescence in the Starfleet of the 24th century, written by Michael Jan Friedman, with art by Steve Erwin and Charles Barnett. Painted cover by Sonia Hillios. 68 pages. New Format.

This comic is in very good condition. No rips, no torn pages, stains, creases or writing in comic. Comic is packaged in a plastic protective sleeve and mailed in a Rigid Mailer to protect the comic during shipping. Please see the scans for additional condition information.