Star Trek Action Figure Vorgon A Mysterious Alien Race From The Future 6070 6061 1993

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Origin: The future A humanoid, leathery-skinned race. Two of its 27th century natives traveled back 300 years in time to supposedly reclaim the Tox Uthat, a secret weapon they actually stole from its inventor in their own time. These two, at least, employed a time/space transporter whose control unit was a square-inch device set flush into the left side of the skull.

Playmates Star Trek: The Next Generation Vorgon a Mysterious Alien Race from the Future 1993

• Assortment No. 6070
• Stock No. 6061
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• Never removed from card
• Price sticker on card
• Light bend on bottom right corner and some card separation
• No separation of plastic from card

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