Star Trek Action Figure Mordock The Benzite First Starfleet Cadet 6070 6057 1993

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Benzite contact with the Federation was limited prior to the 24th century, but by 2364, contact had widened and Mordock, creator of the Mordock Strategy, became the first Benzite to join Starfleet Academy, edging out several Federation candidates, including Wesley Crusher. (TNG: "Coming of Age")

Relations and cooperation between the Benzites and the Federation continued to expand during this time, possibly as a prelude toward Benzar joining the Federation. Officer exchange programs were initiated, allowing Starfleet officers to serve on Benzite ships and vice versa, in order to promote better understanding of the different cultures, regulations, and behaviors. Following in Mordock's footsteps, other Benzites, such as Hoya, enrolled in the Academy. (TNG: "A Matter Of Honor"; DS9: "The Ship")

Playmates Star Trek: The Next Generation Mordock the Benzite 1993

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