Star Trek Action Figure Jem'Hadar Soldier 16280 16257 1998

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"As of this moment, we are all dead. We go into battle to reclaim our lives. This we do gladly, for we are Jem'Hadar. Remember: victory is life."

– First Omet'iklan, 2372 ("To the Death")

The Jem'Hadar were a genetically engineered humanoid race from the Gamma Quadrant. They served as the military arm of the Dominion and were one of the most powerful military forces in the galaxy during their time.

Playmates Star Trek Warp Factor Series 2 Series Jem'Hadar Soldier

• Assortment No. 16280
• Stock No. 16257
• Collector’s No. 000093 Super Low Collector's Number!!!!
• Jem'Hadar Engineering Console and Monitor Interface


• Never removed from card
• No price sticker on card
• No plastic separation from card
• Very minor slight bend on bottom right of card

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