Promotional Card Brit-Cit Babes Proto 6 Judge Dredd Edge Entertainment 1995, Vintage Trading Card, Promo Card, Comic Card

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Brit-Cit Babes was a story from the Judge Dredd Megazine created by writer John Wagner and artist Steve Sampson, centring around two female operatives of the Brit-Cit Justice Department's vice squad (one of whom, Judge Shea, is also a pyrokinetic). It originally ran in the Megazine issues #16-20 (1990) and returned in issue #77 (1992). Both stories were reprinted in a collected edition given away free with issue #299 in 2003

Size: 2.5" x 3.5"

This card is in good condition with no bends, creases or tears. Please see the scans for additional condition information. Thanks for stopping by!