Postcard 463 Vista In Thompson Canon, Colo. Vintage Chrome Posted 1939-1970s

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Vintage Postcard 463 Vista In Thompson Canon, Colo. 7A693 Big Thompson Canon is the most popular thoroughfare to Estes Park and one impressive in the extreme, where wild cliffs reaching endlessly to the sky, alternate with bits of tranquil summerland when the highway winds into an open spot, green, shady and inviting, leaving those who traverse it with a vision of indescribable beauty.

• Chrome 1939-1970s

Size: 3.5" x 5.5"

Condition: Pre-Owned Good

Condition is consistent with an old or antique paper postcard. It may have corner bumps, creases, ink stains, pencil or pen markings, an old smell, etc. Please see the photographs/scans for additional condition information. Thanks for stopping by!