Ricker Pewter The Gift Of Love A Boy and his Train Pewter Figurine 1992

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This is a very nice pewter piece by Michael R Ricker Pewter from the 1992 Christmas, “The gift of Love” collection, A boy and his train. This is #2585 Hallmark Casting Number from 1992, limited castings. This comes with the Certificate of Authenticity.

This figurine is approximately 3.5" high, 1.5" wide and 1" deep

This figurine is in very good condition. No chips or cracks. Please see the photographs for additional condition information. Thanks for stopping by!

Michael Ricker Pewter introduced its first line of pewter collectibles in 1968. Each successive year since they began, Michael Ricker Pewter has produced an ever-increasing number of pewter castings. Each year over 250 tons of Old English Pewter ingots are melted down to cast Michael's limited-edition sculptures and other works-of-art. Today, the Casting Studio employs over 100 people. Over 250,000 individual pewter collectibles are made annually by the Casting Studio. Hours of hand work and personal attention by highly skilled and trained crafts people are given to each casting which adds a personal dimension of character to each individual pewter sculpture and figurine produced by Michael Ricker.

In January of 1991 the dream of Michael Ricker was no longer a dream but a reality. The construction of the new museum, gallery and casting studio is now complete. Along with the completion of the new facility came a unique addition to the collectability of Michael Anthony Ricker's artwork.

After Michael's passing in January of 2006, his sister and brother formed the new company Designs by Ricker. DESIGNS BY RICKER is carrying on the legacy established by Michael Anthony Ricker through his company "Michael Ricker Pewter." Michael's brother, Gary, and sister, Mary Jo, are continuing to keep his world alive by producing, exhibiting and selling through the last remaining gallery many of the approximate 4,000 sculptures he created during his lifetime. In addition they are casting the numerous unexecuted designs and ideas he left behind utilizing sculptors he trained to use his sculpting methodologies.