Paula Sillisculpt “Together Times Are The Best Times” 1983 #688

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A Paula Sillisculpt from 1983 #688 Together Times Are The Best Times Memories Figurine - This would make a great vintage Mother's Day gift!

Sillysculpts first appeared in 1968 made by Russ Berrie of R&W Berrie, a company that manufactured trinkets and collectables for gift shops and mom n pop dime stores.

Since a greeting card was typically thrown away or stored away in a box somewhere, someone got the bright idea to turn a Greeting Card into a sculpture. Simple resin sculptures that depict an ugly statue with googley eyes that could be displayed on a shelf or curio were created. A greeting card that lssts forever ... so to speak.

Figure measures approximately 4 1/2" high, 3" long and 2 3/4" wide

This figurine is in very good condition. No chips or cracks. The felt pad on the bottom is in fair condition. Please see the photographs for additional condition information.