Ironwolf Number 1 1986 DC Comics

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Ironwolf is a fictional character who appeared in the last three issues of Weird Worlds.

Ironwolf has no super powers, but he is an extraordinary hand-to-hand fighter. He is a master swordsman and highly skilled with the guns of his era or sometimes using antique 20th Century weapons like a .357 Magnum.

Lord Ironwolf was the finest officer in the Earth-based interstellar Empire Galaktika in the 61st century. On his home world of Illium, he owned millions of trees with "anti-gravity wood" from which starships such as his own were constructed. He renounced his privileged position in the Empire in opposition to the Empress's policies and cruelties. Empress Erika Klien-Hernandez asked Ironwolf to allow her new alien allies to make use of the trees. Fearing the aliens would then build their own fleet of starships with which to attack the empire, Ironwolf flatly refused, and became a hunted outlaw.

He retaliated by using his spaceship to become a space pirate, robbing nobility, destroying imperial ships and battling the Empress's Blood Legion, a race of vampires created through an evolutionary accident. Ironwolf ultimately destroyed all the antigravity trees to prevent the empire from using them.

In deep space, Ironwolf encounters the lost Sargasso Sea of Space, where lost starships drift among this lonely void. Ironwolf takes a shuttle to explore one of those lost vessels, whose inner hull is covered with overgrown plants. He rescues a woman from alien barbarians; she recruits him a democratic resistance movement, and becomes first mate on his ship.

Comic in really good condition. No rips, no torn pages, stains, creases or writing in comic. Comic comes protected in a polypropylene Comic Book Bag.