Atari 5200 Game Super Breakout Atari 1982

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You're the pilot of a super-powered space shuttle and you're blazing a path through distant superclusters at incredible space- age speed. The uncharted planet Ieris is your destination. You know from preliminary briefing that Ieris is surrounded by a mysterious, colorful force field. Astronomers have photographed the iridescent force field with high-powered telescopic cameras. There is much conjecture on Earth as to what the wall of colors around Ieris might be, but no one is certain.

Your mission is to break up the force field. Your space ship is equipped with special hardware to help you complete this important assignment. As you smash out the bright-colored matter, sensors will analyze it, grade it and relay the results back to scientists on Earth. You, too, will see the scores.

Your computer signals that Ieris is dead ahead. A brilliant band of colors flashes into view. Wow! This is more startling and impressive than any of the photos you saw back on Earth. Your hands eagerly grip the controls as you prepare to blast through!

This exciting game is in overall good condition. The game does have some signs of light use and wear. Please see the photographs for additional condition information. This is for the game cartridge only, the box and instructions are not included.