Atari 2600 Game Word Zapper U.S. Games 1982

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In this highly original game, a word or collection of letters is displayed for a short time at the bottom of the screen. You must shoot at the scrolling letters above your ship to spell out the word. Meanwhile, asteroids fly toward your ship. Some are deadly, while some just knock you around. If you shoot 5 asteroids, a "freebie" letter will appear between the Z and A, and can stand for any letter. When you've finished a word, you must shoot the freebie to continue. If you can get through 3 words in 99 seconds, you'll attain the honorary rank of "Word Zapper."

Game in overall good condition. Has signs of light use and wear. Please see photos for cartridge condition. Game only, no box or instructions. Requires Atari 2600 game system to play. Actual photo of game and not a stock photo.