All Good Things Star Trek, The Next Generation 1994 Michael Friedman Hardback

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On the holodeck, Lieutenant Worf and Counselor Troi have just finished a walk on the Black Sea beach at night. Troi gets a bit irritated when Worf refers to their romantic experience as nothing more than "stimulating" and rolls her eyes when he tries to add that it was "very stimulating". On the way back to her quarters, Troi discusses how she doesn't spend enough time on the holodeck, and should go there more often. Worf is about to drop her off at her quarters, but wants to talk about their next date. He feels that they should get approval from Commander Riker before continuing their relationship but Troi firmly states that their relationship does not need such approval.

Worf is about to kiss Troi goodnight, when Captain Picard walks off the turbolift. In a hurried mood, he asks Troi for the date, to which Worf answers that it is stardate 47988. Picard confirms the date with himself, before he reveals to Troi that he, without knowing the reason, is somehow moving back and forth through time..

Hardcover: 248 Pages

Book in very good condition, does not appear to have been read. Dust Jacket also in very good condition. No tears, creases, stains or writing in book. Please see the photographs for additional condition information.